Last weekend I went to play in Tokyo.

The memories of the trip of Akita was the dream of the river edge Recently...

The memories of the trip of Akita was the dream of the river edge Recently, I have no chance to go on a trip. Because business trips are completely gone by pouring down the depression. I do not know whether it is possible to capture a business trip in the same sense as ""travel"" enjoyed by individuals. I could not make a reservation for the hotel, stayed at a ryokan like a peddler, flowed and flowed like Akita prefecture. And when I saw Asahikawa flowing through Akita city, I found a stairway to get off the river edge. Apparently it seems to be a trace of a large cookery on a long ago. Crouching at the bottom, I tried dipping hands in the water of the river, and the coldness came to me as a cowpea. It is reminiscent of the coldness that the people who used to work as underwear in these places, perhaps the women who have been brought up from the poor house to the service. Because it is a hot water work, it probably was a weak position in the middle of working, little girls and young ladies were told to wash the vegetables. It seems that she is getting hard to drop the radish mud with a frozen hand, a breathtaking appearance in a hand made in a broken hand, or a letter from the house, possibly a merchant who came in and got it from a little nice guy , The circumstances such as spreading out and spreading out gently spread around my head. Well, I do not know at all whether such a thing happened, but when I travel, my brain is stimulated like that. I do not count on a business trip this summer, I'd like to decide my journey by myself.

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