Last weekend I went to play in Tokyo.

Last weekend, I went to play in Tokyo.

Last weekend, I went to play in Tokyo. It is my first visit to Tokyo this season, it is too hot and humid. I am sweating only by standing by waiting for a signal. Well, I took various walks this time. First of all, it is a stroll around Omotesando ・ ・ ・. It is a street that is totally boring if there are no abnormalities and people do not have business here. Next, from the Marunouchi by Sky bus, I will explore about 1 hour course of the Imperial Palace, Ginza, Marunouchi. This is good. Since there is no roof only on the sky bus, you can feel a pleasant wind and you can look up to the top of the tall building group. Under the elevated track, traffic lights, road signs and so on, soon pass overhead, so powerful full marks? is. Hato bus is not bad, but it is recommended if you want to see the center of Tokyo in a zakut. Next day to Asakusa. This is a wonderful place. After sightseeing Namiyo street of Kaminarimon of the preliminary choice, it swept the shopping street of Asakusa. There was just a festival and it was a really lively feeling. There are many old-fashioned shops that line up, especially the drinking shop is enriched. From daytime it is great to drink with hoppy as one hand, stewing the beef and dish out of tuna. Moreover, it is cheap! It cost about 2,000 yen per person. Is not it fun of domestic travel to be able to do this kind of thing? In other words, since you can communicate in any place wherever you go, you can discover various things by walking behind the alley, in an unknown land, extremely speaking.

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